Woodies / Czech Wood Geocoins

Woodies or Wood geocoins became popular when geocachers started to try and find a cheap, small and ecological item to use as trade items in geocaches. Originally made in the  Czech Republic, you can often hear them called Czech Wood Geocoin or CWG's.
Due to the confusing use of the word “geocoin”, wood geocoins are now often called Woodies and are normally non-trackable signature items but you can now have discoverable Woodies too. This type of Woodie all share one tracking number.
Woodies have evolved into highly
collectible items and are becoming more and more popular in the UK as they are much cheaper than traditional geocoins.
Geocachers collect them, trade them and give as a personal gift. When you find a Woodie in a cache you should treat it as a Swap item and trade, ideally for your own or any other wooden geocoin. If you do not have any, you should put to the cache another item of the same or higher value. To give you an idea, the cost of one Woodie is about 50p

All Woodies made by craftgenix are made using beech wood from managed woodlands. In an effort to produce a higher quality product and also support other small businesses our woodies are produced by a single self employed craftsman.   

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    Woodies, or Czech Wood Geocoins, are an extremely popular form of geocaching personal signature item and are becoming more and more popular in the UK.
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