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Welcome to craftgenix. Please bear with us while we make updates to our website



Craftgenix attend events throughout the year. On this page you can find information about the events we will be attending. 

Craft Events

We attend craft events, farmers markets and other events across Scotland and further afield with a range of products from craftgenix. The events we have confirmed will be attending in the next year are: 

Geocaching Events

Geocaching events are a fun and social part of geocaching. They are great for meeting other geocachers, friendships are often formed at events and it is not unknown for people to meet their life partners! It is common for geocachers to travel around the world to attend the larger events. 

Types of Geocaching event:

Local - These are small scale events that normally upto about 20 to 50 people will attend but they can attract many more. They are very informal and are normally held in a park or a pub and sometimes the organiser will organise extra activities such as a raffle or quiz. These small events are a great way to meet other local geocachers. 

Mega Event - These are large events and often have many other activities around them. There will be at least 500 attendees, often over 1000 and as well as the main event you may find smaller events in the days before and after. Adventure Labs (a new type of virtual geocache) are often published for the event too. Many Mega events also have geocaching shops and other stalls for you to buy geocaching items from. 

Giga Event - These are the Biggest of events! There will be over 5,000 attendees and everything that is at a Mega event will be there but just more of each. Most Giga events have taken place in Germany but they have also happened in the USA, Czechia, and other countries.

Events Geocache Land will be attending 

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 we have no events coming up that we can confirm our attendance at. Below are links to several events that are planned in 2021/2 and we hope to be at.