Custom Engraving

We can custom engrave most items and we are happy to give free advice on the suitability of the item you would like to engrave prior to starting a project with you.

We have a simple pricing structure for custom engraving:

Design fee - If you would like us to do the design work for you we charge £50 per hour (rounded to the nearest hour). Our designers are qualified and experienced in laser work. If you have your own design or use your own designer we are more than happy to use your files and just charge the engraving fee. Files can be accepted in almost all common formats.
Please note that if you supply the file craftgenix cannot be held responsible for any errors in the design.

Engraving - We charge £1.50 per minute for engraving or cutting. Both engraving and cutting times vary by material and design. We will give an estimate of the time it will take to produce your item before commencing with engraving.

Material - craftgenix can supply most materials from wood to slate and leather to Acrylic. Price depends on the material to be used.
We are also happy to work with materials provided by you upto a maximum size of 457 x 305 x 102mm (102mm is the maximum depth of material). If supplying your own material it is advised that you provide spare material so cutting and engraving can be tested before final production. PVC cannot be engraved due to toxic fumes and other plastics also may not be suitable.