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Mandala Leather Coasters




Design: 5

Quantity: 1

Loosely translated as “circle,” mandalas are said to represent the universe. A mandala is designed to offer a visual balance of elements that symbolize harmony and unity. When used in a spiritual practice, the mandala is said to help absorb the mind in meditation.
As you may have noticed, a mandala can come in an innumerable variety of designs, patterns, and colors. If you look closely, you’ll see the mandala represented in so many aspects of your own life – the concentric circles in the patterns of nature, and even the circles of life, friends, and family.


This coaster is 9cm in diameter. It is made with British leather in natural tan colour and has a waterproof coating applied.

If you would like this coaster with a stain applied please note the colour on your order. 

Available in singular pieces or sets of 2,4,6 or 8 and they come with a complementary gift box. 

Please note: Leather is a natural product so appearance and size may differ slightly from piece to piece. 

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